Journey of travel

Journey of travel

Waterproof and breathable cap for summer camp outdoor activities

Gore-Tex is highly effective in both high UV and rain waterproofing and moisture permeability. A marmot cap hat is different from a mountain cap and can be used in town as a town use. A review of a hat with functionality that can serve as two or three roles if there is one.It can be viewed with automatic translation by using Google browser.
Idea of learning

[Southernmost part of Honshu] Go to Shionomisaki with no plan

I gathered places where I can enjoy walking around the Cape of Shionomisaki, the southernmost part of Honshu. You can enjoy all meals with your children. The southernmost monument in Honshu. This is really the southernmost and farthest place. For example, the southernmost post in Honshu. See and learn together with children. I gathered a place where I can learn "Hum."By using Google browser, you can see it with automatic translation.
Journey of travel


Montbell is a major camping equipment manufacturer in Japan. This time we will tell you about the Gore-Tex all-weather hoodies from Montbell.Although it is written in Japanese, it can be automatically translated using a Google browser.