Idea of learning

Idea of learning

【$ 0 teaching material.】 Handmade teaching materials at home. How to create an infant version dictionary.

Create an educational card for your child, something like a dictionary, at home. You can create enough at home or in a simplified version. Here are some ways to learn without spending money, or how you can do it at home.This article is in Japanese, but it will be translated automatically using a Google browser.
Idea of learning

[Southernmost part of Honshu] Go to Shionomisaki with no plan

I gathered places where I can enjoy walking around the Cape of Shionomisaki, the southernmost part of Honshu. You can enjoy all meals with your children. The southernmost monument in Honshu. This is really the southernmost and farthest place. For example, the southernmost post in Honshu. See and learn together with children. I gathered a place where I can learn "Hum."By using Google browser, you can see it with automatic translation.
Idea of learning


It is a method of learning gap time for infants and preschoolers. This time, let's create a learning folder using a free app service that supports preschoolers. Completion of educational music folder with free collected music in the app. This is a way for even preschoolers to enjoy learning with their parents and children using the clearance time. This article is for those who have a Japanese account.幼児、未就園児のスキマ学習の方法です。今回は未就園児に対応したような無料でできるアプリサービスを使って学習用フォルダを作成してみましょう。アプリ内の無料で集めた音楽で知育音楽のフォルダの完成です。未就園児だってスキマ時間を利用して親子で楽しく学習できる方法です。今回は日本ののアカウントを持っている方むけの記事です。
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[Fureai Bunko] TENYAKU picture book event “Picture book exhibition to touch and read”

This article is automatically translated using a Google browser/This is event information of “Fureai Bunko”, which is producing “Tenyaku Ehon”. “Tenyaku picture book” is used by both visible and invisible people by using a tool called “picture book”. Why don't you experience this “Tenaku Picture Book” event “Storybook Picture Book Exhibition”? Let's experience the world that is invisible and invisible with a “picture book”.
Idea of learning

[Learning with animation] Learning Japanese at home

Introduce how to learn Japanese free of charge for children and elementary school students. We have compiled Japanese and educational programs to use in simple daily life. Children can enjoy learning Japanese as well as learning Japanese while watching the animation.It can be translated automatically by browsing with Google's app.