Idea of life

Idea of life

Remove tomato sauce and meat sauce completely with a sesquill

The child shook clothes with tomato sauce. It is a method to clean cleanly at such times. Once washed, it may be awkward to remove it cleanly, but if it is not touching the dirty part, it can be removed even with a few days ago.This article can be automatically translated by looking at the Google browser.
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Waterproof and breathable cap for summer camp outdoor activities

Gore-Tex is highly effective in both high UV and rain waterproofing and moisture permeability. A marmot cap hat is different from a mountain cap and can be used in town as a town use. A review of a hat with functionality that can serve as two or three roles if there is one.It can be viewed with automatic translation by using Google browser.
Idea of life

[Disney] Creating a WALLE [Part 1]

How to make Disney's WALL E that can be used in Halloween. Created with cardboard. This article is automatically translated using a Google browser.I'm happy to share Twitter.